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The asking never stops

In East West­pha­lia (OWL) the two main styles of Shao­lin Kem­po meet: the rather hard and Kara­­te-like style of Mei­jers and the sof­ter Kun­tao style of Carel Faul­ha­ber. Her­bert Zielin­ski […]

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24/7 for the martial arts

I’m a lucky man. Becau­se I took the easy way out. In search of the origins of my Kem­po I first went to my tea­cher Wital­li Rein­gard and trai­ned with […]

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The sensei of diversity

The­re is hard­ly any other per­so­na­li­ty who has influ­en­ced Kem­po Kara­te in East West­pha­lia in recent years as much as Andre­as Brech­mann. In the inter­view, the 6th DAN reveals how […]

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