Which style works on the street? None. All of them.

Which style is the best on the street? Is this or that tech­ni­que real­ly effec­tive? That never works in rea­li­ty! And any­way, Krav Maga (or any other new mar­ti­al art) is much more effec­tive … Per­ma­nent topic in almost every hour. Every basic tech­ni­que is ques­tio­ned, always new dis­cus­sions and the ques­ti­on of mea­ning. Mean­while it gets on my ner­ves at most. Hence the­se lines.

Dear doub­ters, nag­gers and know-it-alls: I don’t give a damn whe­ther ever­ything would always work out in a kata or one of the other move­ment exer­ci­ses if you were in the midst of a crowd of vil­lains wil­ling to fight.

Rehe­ar­sed sequen­ces of move­ments are necessa­ry to prac­tice and under­stand tech­ni­ques and not to hurt my oppo­nent during trai­ning. No mat­ter how much pro­tec­tion he wears: even the best suit won’t help. Then it falls over. And after the necessa­ry first aid, he doe­s­n’t want to be hit again. Which does not real­ly help me to refi­ne a tech­ni­que. So I prac­tice “unrea­listic”. Eit­her I don’t touch at all, or I hit with litt­le input. Or I use tech­ni­ques that in doubt have more of a spor­ting cha­rac­ter, like in Judo.

Hakei 14

Full con­tact is also usual­ly sport. So with rules. The boys (and girls) real­ly knock them­sel­ves out, but ever­ything is stric­t­ly disci­pli­ned. This has not­hing to do with self-defence, so in case of doubt it won’t work eit­her.
Self-defence, or bet­ter the rea­listic app­li­ca­ti­on of the tech­ni­ques, is much more a mat­ter of atti­tu­de than of tech­ni­que or style. When in doubt, a thug pulls a beer bot­t­le on my head befo­re I even rea­li­ze that he feels pro­vo­ked by me. My style is of no use to me at all. And while I hear the angels sin­ging, he kicks me fun­ny in the ribs. It’s the fashion today.

I’m just not a socio­path who’s always run­ning around rea­dy to fight. I live in the coun­try­si­de, in tran­quil Ger­ma­ny, in fair­ly order­ly cir­cum­s­tan­ces, with a code of con­duct that at least my par­ents, but also the rest of my envi­ron­ment, have given me. I think that’s qui­te ok and I would­n’t want to be any dif­fe­rent. And I don’t want to swap with the racket from the neigh­bour­hood or the hoo­li­gan of the next foot­ball club. I think they and their who­le value sys­tem are shit. Alt­hough they are much more vio­lent than me and … could beat me with that. It is enough for me that my mar­ti­al art as a who­le allows me to hope­ful­ly avo­id the first blow in most cases. May­be even the second. And then eit­her I’m gone. Or it’s my turn.

Will that real­ly work? In any case, it’s bet­ter if I prac­tice dili­gent­ly and don’t con­stant­ly argue and check every sin­gle tech­ni­que for its alle­ged use­ful­ness. If in doubt, I sim­ply did­n’t under­stand their exe­cu­ti­on and need a litt­le more prac­tice. Or it sim­ply belongs to my mar­ti­al arts and per­fec­ts it. Belie­ve me: With the skills a Kem­po­ka (or a Kara­te­ka, Judo­ka, Kick­bo­xer etc.) acqui­res during years of trai­ning, he is well pre­pa­red for “nor­mal” fights.
Last but not least: I have been in hai­ry situa­ti­ons befo­re. The intui­ti­ve reac­tion worked out per­fec­t­ly. Nevertheless, I still don’t feel invin­ci­ble. When in doubt, I meet the guy with the beer bot­t­le. Or the beer bot­t­le and I meet in a dist­ruc­tive way …

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