Actually, this page should not exist at all. Because it describes something that belongs so naturally to the Asian martial arts that the topic of weapon arts doesn’t deserve any words of its own. Fist, foot and weapon simply belong together. But since in many martial arts schools weapons have no or only a very small space, here are a few words about it. And since the Japanese nomenclature is used in Shaolin Kempo, we also talk about Kobudo here. Kobudo is also open for Japanese forms, more about that below.


The Bo or Gun, as it is also called in Chinese, is conducted differently in Shaolin Kempo than in Japanese systems. The movements are more flowing, the angles of strokes and stitches are different. While in the Lung Chuan Fa three Kata and two Kumite are known, Sifu Olaf Bock teaches five Kata, which will also gradually flow into our curriculum. From the green belt on we start with the long stick and its handling.


The steel trident also belongs to “our” standard weapons. In other words, we run a kata with them, which is required at the 1st DAN.


The Dao is a basic weapon of the Wushu, the sporty KungFu styles. And we also practice a form with it,


The Chinese halberd, called Kwan Dao, is a very heavy cutting weapon. Here too we teach and learn a form that is very demanding and physically challenging.


The link chain or steel whip does not forgive anything. Above all, it does not forgive technical mistakes by those who try to master them. It is therefore one of the weapons that only very advanced Kempoka get their hands on and practice with.

Butterfly Swords

In Wing Chun they are called Bart Cham Dao – the butterfly swords used in pairs. The Long Kuen, also known as 1st master form, is actually a weapon form with the two short swords. Only with them in the hands some of the movements make sense.