Crunch bones

Pre­pa­ra­ti­on 2nd DAN — the hot pha­se. Man, oh, man, my kne­es hurt. And I’m limp too. Which is pro­bab­ly no won­der, becau­se on the one hand I sim­ply noti­ce (alt­hough I don’t real­ly like to admit it) that age is gnawing at me and I don’t rege­ne­ra­te as quick­ly. And on the other hand I have drasti­cal­ly incre­a­sed my trai­ning schedule.

Challenge Lung Chuan Fa

First of all, after much to and fro, the date for my DAN exam has been set. On April 13th, my part­ner Uwe and I will get down to busi­ness. The exam has been post­po­ned again, as we have mean­while joi­ned the DKV, the Ger­man Kara­te Fede­ra­ti­on. More on this below …

Three or four times a week I now put on the Gi, and I am acti­ve at least every other wee­kend. Which is abso­lute­ly necessa­ry for me, becau­se two evenings a week I don’t train for me, but give trai­ning. This also hel­ps me to impro­ve my tech­ni­que, but main­ly lets me prac­ti­ce pri­ma­ry school.

Once a week Uwe and I, just for our­sel­ves, pumice Tai Tsuku, Sai­fa, mas­ter and wea­pon forms and espe­cial­ly tech­ni­ques and Kum­i­te into the head and bones. Mean­while the five Tai Tsuku, the five Sai­fa, the Long Kuen and the Ch’u­an Fa, the three Bo-Kata, the Sai-Kata, the Kwandao form and the Bo-Kum­i­te are sit­ting rea­son­ab­ly as well as the altog­e­ther 50 Ippon-Kum­i­te. But “only” rea­son­ab­ly. And the own claim is not “only” reasonable.

So once a mon­th I take the oppor­tu­ni­ty to prac­ti­ce with Sen­s­ei Olaf Bock, espe­cial­ly the Long Kuen and the Ch’u­an Fa. I have deci­ded to inte­gra­te the­se Sai­fa (or bet­ter Sifat) as mas­ter forms into our sys­tem, even though the­re are actual­ly no “mas­ter forms” in clas­si­cal Shao­lin Kem­po. But the tra­di­tio­nal Sifat are qui­te deman­ding in their under­stan­ding of Kem­po and would over­tax the begin­ners with their mani­fold requi­re­ments. So it fits! ?

Trai­ning with Sen­s­ei Olaf Bock

If time and fami­ly allow it, I have been wea­ving a Silat unit at least once a week during the last weeks. But I have to neglect that a bit at the moment. Not becau­se I am alrea­dy so good at this mar­ti­al art. But becau­se I feel the strain espe­cial­ly in my kne­es. Which leads to the fact that my Kem­po is also beco­m­ing “height-hea­vy” again at the moment. As soon as I go deeper into the stan­ces, it stings and pin­ches behind the knee­caps. This ensu­res an auto­ma­tic gent­le posi­ti­on. And it’s over with the approach to work with chan­ging heights and much more dyna­mics. That annoys me of cour­se, becau­se it’s not sup­po­sed to look and feel soooooo. So I con­cen­tra­te on “my” Kem­po until April and beco­me a litt­le bit unfaith­ful to the Silat. Sigh! ☹

The Adventure of Association

Mean­while I under­stand the Sho­rin Kem­po of Olaf Bock bet­ter and bet­ter. It is exci­ting to see how many move­ments refer to Silat, which is the ori­gin of our Shao­lin Kem­po. I also try to bring the “new” old Shao­lin Kem­po to Olaf tog­e­ther with the Lung Chu­an Fa. A total­ly exci­ting under­ta­king, I have alrea­dy writ­ten about it. A lot of fine-tuning and fee­ling into move­ments and sequen­ces in order to under­stand whe­re the dif­fe­ren­ces are and whe­re devia­ti­ons might be useful.

Klaus “the Giant” Rennwanz

Still not enough occup­a­ti­on with the mar­ti­al arts? Well, as the per­son respon­si­ble for my stu­dents, I am not only loo­king for my tasks in sports, but also try to impro­ve the orga­niz­a­ti­on around it. The­re­fo­re we, the Lung Chu­an Fa troop and the club, deci­ded to join the Ger­man Kara­te Fede­ra­ti­on DKV. Why to join a kara­te fede­ra­ti­on when I like to work with the hash­tag #itskem­po­no­t­ka­ra­te? On the one hand, of cour­se, we prac­ti­ce a “kara­te like” style, with all our fasci­na­ti­on for the silat and the Indo­ne­si­an roots of Shao­lin Kempo.
On the other hand we get access to com­ple­te­ly new pos­si­bi­li­ties through DKV. First of all, this con­cerns the trai­ner licen­ses, which we can only make and extend in the DKV also in the mar­ti­al arts area. Not­hing against popu­lar sports, but I will never teach Zum­ba, bas­ket­ball or fitness.

Our young high per­for­mers can deve­lop in the mat­ter of figh­t­ing, i.e. the Kum­i­te, in a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent way than in our small Kal­le­tal. In addi­ti­on, DKV offers a num­ber of other oppor­tu­nities to think out­side the box and try out other forms of mar­ti­al arts and rela­ted topics.

After con­ta­c­ting the Kem­po-Kara­te-Ver­ein in Dören­trup the idea was born to join the DKV. Klaus Renn­wanz as “Mis­ter Kem­po” in the DKV was the­re in no time. The 5th DAN, now based in Sig­ma­rin­gen, ori­gi­nal­ly comes from Nord­horn and knows the area. Now he also knows the Kal­le­tal, becau­se the tra­vel­ler in Kem­po mat­ters was quick­ly with us for the obli­ga­to­ry “sigh­t­ing cour­se”. This ser­ves as a means of exchan­ge and should show whe­ther we are a high­ly deco­ra­ted cucum­ber troop or actual­ly Kem­po prac­ti­tio­ners. Appar­ent­ly the big one lik­ed it (2,04 m), becau­se from now on we are a mem­ber of the big­gest Kara­te asso­cia­ti­on in Germany.

But in the mean­ti­me I can no lon­ger hear the words pass­port, para­phra­se, reco­gni­ti­on and annu­al sight marks. Luck­i­ly, with Cars­ten and Rein­hold we have two club lea­ders in our ranks who have actively sup­por­ted me with all the paper­work and asso­cia­ti­on buzz. Not so my thing! So I’d rather roll on the mat again.

Keep your fin­gers cros­sed that my tired bones will hold and get used to the con­stant strain. After all, the second one is by no means the end of the story …

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