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A few days ago the black suit, called Gi, was delivered. Actually I don’t really care which Gi I wear for training, but in our Kempo style the black coat from brown belt on is part of it. This is also a great opportunity to give a short summary of the first “brown belt weeks”.

Already a few weeks longer Ella, Uwe and I form a team of trainers. Our “old” trainer Florian studies in Hannover and has such unfavorable lecture times that he hardly ever comes to the training.

Ella is also in the middle of her high school graduation stress and will exchange the cosy Kalletal for the big, wide world in a few weeks. This is the fate of “provincial clubs” that have to give up their young people permanently.

That leaves UwSitzt noch etwas sperrig ...e and me. Quite a lot of responsibility, which I clearly feel despite my youthful 51 Lenze. All of a sudden, training is no longer voluntary but compulsory. You no longer participate in the training and let the trainer “do the exercises”, but try to motivate and challenge the students yourself. Before the first training sessions I really had stage fright. I / we don’t want our groups to get bored or overstrained.
Luckily, Uwe and I are not alone either, because with Kim and Sabrina we have two great young Kempoka in our ranks, who are already actively supporting us, especially in children’s training. Thanks to both of you! Because our kids group is our showpiece at the moment. About 20 young cheeky youngsters want to be fed twice a week with knowledge about Kempo. And with animation and games. A band of predators with high standards!

Training contents, training list, examination regulations and group organisation – where is my own training? Fortunately there is Witalli, who you can visit in M√ľnster (now in Hamburg) and who is (almost) always open for questions and comments.
Flo is just as happy to share his knowledge, if his schedule allows it.
And there are training courses where I can pick up quite a lot, which hopefully will help me a little bit in martial arts myself. Because one thing is clear: The further I get in martial arts, the more doors open, the more diverse and sometimes confusing the possibilities become.

And there is also the tiny aspect of work and family, which despite all the enthusiasm for Kempo and Co. are simply much more important and also demand their time.

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