The 3rd Tai Tsuku

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The 3rd Tai Tsuku: In the examination for the 4th Kyu it is one of the forms that the Kempoka has to master new. Although the 3rd Tai Tsuku rather belongs to the short Kata, elements are also taught here, which accompany the future martial artist again and again. This starts at the very beginning: An implied KungFu greeting deviates from the usual scheme of greeting. In general, there are very different greetings in Shaolin Kempo in the different style interpretations. Sometimes Japanese, sometimes Chinese, sometimes completely different – you notice in these little things that there is no ordering character, the central teaching line.

Deep Kiba Dachi, gliding movements in Zenkutsu Dachi – the third Tai Tsuku also wants to be executed smoothly. The exciting part of this kata are the double hand techniques, the fingertip thrusts and especially the two finishing techniques – short sliding movements forward in Neko Ashi Dachi, combined with a defense/finger thrust combination. Looks quite simple, but is not so easy to run with expression. And in the middle of Tai Tsuku there is a short weight shift involving the back leg, which is also not without challenge. Just take a look! (1:28 in the video)

My own attempts to use this form successfully at tournaments failed quite miserably. Which is my skill and not the kata itself to blame! ­čÖé But the successes of my then training partner Ella show that even the 3rd Tai Tsuku can be a quite demanding and expressive kata despite its brevity.
With this kata the transition to the intermediate level is completed. The first three Tai Tsuku are basic forms that are characteristic of Lung Chuan Fa Kempo. Their historical origin is unfortunately unknown to me, because I am not aware of any Kempo style in which these forms are taught.

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